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An Introduction!

  • Bancassurance is the selling of insurance products through banks distribution channels.
  • Potential for banks to leverage customer base to generate risk free income from non-interest sources.
  • In Many markets (especially in Europe) Bancassurance is the primary mode of distribution of Insurance Products.
  • It is also fast catching up in markets in the far-east, India and the Middle East.
  • According to a recent sigma study, Bancassurance is on the rise, particularly in emerging markets.
  • Insurers have been successfully leveraging Bancassurance to gain a foothold in markets with low insurance penetration and a limited variety of distribution channels.
  • Europe has the highest Bancassurance penetration rate.
  • The outlook for Bancassurance remains positive worldwide.

Procedure to lodge Death Claim

  • 1. Death intimation, on death of any government employee, the department / employer sends the written death intimation to the Incharge Claims concerned G&P zone alongwith the death certificate.


    2. On receiving the death intimation, the department / employer would sent the claim forms ‘C’ & ‘ D’ by the claim department of the Group & Pension Zone.


    3. The Department / employer is required to fill in the claim forms ‘C’ & ‘D’, properly sign and stamp them and send them back to the concerned G&P zone, alongwith the following requirements.


    i. Death certificate, issued by Local Municipal body, Cantonment bodies, Union Councils, Services hospital, Government hospitals, Semi Government hospitals, Railway hospitals and Trust hospitals (any one of the above). In case of tribal areas, the death certificate issued by political agents, Commissioner, Assistant Commissioner, Magistrate Class-I are also acceptable.


    ii. NIC of the deceased and the claimants (attested photocopies).


    iii. Pension book in original for post retirement death (the same would be returned back after verification).


    iv. Attestation: All the photocopies must be attested by the concerned Gazetted officer.


    4. The provision of all above requirements would ensure the quick settlement of the claims.


    5. Deficiency of any one of the above would result in the delay in the claim settlement.

    Commercial Groups

    Procedure / requirement for the settlement of Death/Disability Claims

    1. Death intimation: The policyholder/employer is required to send the written death intimation, to the Incharge Claims of concerned Group & Pension zone. 
    2. On receipt of intimation, after necessary checking, the necessary claim forms would be sent to the policyholder/employer by the Claims department of the Group & Pension zone. 
    3. The policy holder/employer is required to fill in the claim forms, properly sign and stamp them and send them back to the G&P zone along with the following requirements.

    For Death claims

    i. Death certificate, issued by the local bodies, cantonment board, services hospitals, government hospitals, semi government hospitals and railway hospital. (Any one of above) 

    a. For Age proof :

    1.School/college certificate showing date of birth
    2.National Identity card
    3.Valid passport
    4.Discharge certificate (in respect of ex-defense forces Personnel)
    5.Certificate of age by the policyholder organization
    6.Birth certificate issued by local body/cantonment board 
    (Any one of the above).

    iii. Last attending physician’s statement.
    iv. Post Mortem report and FIR/police investigation report in case of Accidental death benefit.

    b. For disability claims

    i. Employee’s statement. 
    ii. Employer’s statement. 
    iii. Attending Surgeon’s statements.
    (Claim forms A, B, and C, respectively).
    iv. X-rays and medical investigation reports etc, if any. 

    (All the photo copies must be attested by the concerned Gazetted Officer).

    The provision of all above requirements would ensure the quick settlement of the claims. 
    Deficiency of any one of the above would result in the delay in the claim settlement.

100% Guarantee on Your original Investment

State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan invests its funds in accordance with the provisions contained in Insurance Ordinance 2000, Insurance Rules 2002 and SRO(309) K of 1970 as amended to date by the Government of Pakistan.

Govt. Securities:-

These include instruments issued by Government of Pakistan such as Treasury bills, Pakistan Investment Bonds etc.

Corporate Debts

These include Foreign Fixed Income Securities & Debentures..


These include shares of quoted (within Pakistan) & unquoted companies in PSX.

Bank Deposits

These include Daily Product accounts & Term deposits with banks.

Investment Property

These include buildings, plots etc.

Loans to Policyholders

Loan provided to policyholders against their existing policies.